about lojmat

Lokoja Journal of Management and Technology is a bi-annual publication of the School of Management Studies, Kogi State Polytechnic, Lokoja. In an Lincreasingly expanding sphere of global activities with the reducing influences of physical territorialities, government regulations and anthropogenic limitations as a result of international competition spurred by technological advances, innovations and challenges, the imperativeness of new kind of knowledge is indeed pressing.

The broad objectives of the Journal is to expand knowledge through the pursuit of academic excellence in all human endeavours by the publication of research works in management theory, principles and practice, technological discoveries and application, humanities, arts and social sciences, as well as contemporary issues that confront humanity. Through her contribute to the body of available knowledge for use by policy makers, researcher, libraries, students and the entire public.

Safe for editing for the sake of clarity, all ideas, analysis and inferences expressed in each article in the Journal are strictly the authors'. Contributors who may be interested in expanding the frontiers of knowledge, or are challenged by the trends in the field of management and technology or any endeavours that represents/pose concerns to humanity are therefore invited to contact the Editor-in-Chief, or see inside back cover for more information.

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